Welcome! This is the webpage of the Android app: "reloaders assistant" (German: Wiederlader-Helfer) !

There are 2 versions of the app currently available, the difference is just the app name. "Reloaders assistant" for international usage and "Wiederlader Helfer" for national (German) usage.

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The app reloaders assistant is tool of choice for all modern and ambitious reloaders. Any paper work and the chores and pains with lost papers or notices are past now with this new innovative app. You can archive, organize and check at anytime and anywhere your individual loads with your mostly popular and available tool – your own mobile

The app will save your individual loads and components. You can add any powder or bullet types – there are no restrictions or limitations from the app against names, calibers or specific powder or bullet brands. You just have to add your components in the adding sheet to your own component list and you can work with your individual items. Furthermore you are fully free to define and save your own weapon names in components.

 You are fully fexibel with this app and that to a cheaper price then a box ammunition or bullets!

Also at the range the reloaders assistant app will assist you to hold and save your shooting result at range with your individual loads.

The current version supports target picture import from your phone camera gallery, so you can directly save your target at shooting range!

Of course you can also save all other important shot datas like number of rounds, group size, temperature, humidity and velocity. So, you can easy check afterwards your charge precision by looking of your target.

Worry about unit conversions? With this helpfully app, done by just 1 button click!

Just click the get button to see it live!

In case of any questions or feature wishs, please just drop a mail to infowiederladehelferapp@gmx.de


Please read the app disclaimer before your start usage. This app was only designed for saving and organizing of cartridge loads without any checks of dangerous pressure or other saftely influences of the inserted values.

Any reloader loads of his own risk!